What hours are best for picking?

The hours we set for picking allow for ‘ripening time’ between picks. You can usually get an abundance of berries anytime you come; however, best times to pick are always the early part of ANY picking shift. We ALWAYS update farm phone outgoing message (540-552-4195) with what’s picking & how fast. We try to be upfront on FB also.

What do I wear/bring?

We highly recommend close toed shoes! This is an active, working farm. Protect your toes and your legs when you can. It’s hot and sunny too, so bring what makes your family comfortable in outdoor conditions (water, sunscreen, hats)-strollers welcome and parking is not far from the fields so things can be left in car. NOTE: If you are allergic to bees, please bring your own Epi-Pen; we are not allowed to keep them on site.

What payment do you accept?

CASH or good CHECK, accepted at the stand to keep checkout moving.

What containers do I take my berries home in?

We offer gallon buckets to pick in & clean bags or pints to take your berries home. MANY people buy a bucket for $1 and use it all season long. We welcome your re-use of your pint containers, Tupperware, bags, etc but YOU have to put your berries into what you bring after picking & payment. (Health Dept. requires clean bags & containers if WE bag)

Can I bring my dog?
For Health and Safety reasons, dogs are not permitted on farm.

What if I want to bring a LARGE group or SCHOOL group?
We LOVE welcoming large groups & being prepared for you!! Please  1) EMAIL us in advance to coordinate best time for picking & parking vans/buses & to check adults/children ratio (3birdsberryfarm@gmail.com)  2) each person pick a pint & pay together whenever possible; and 3) pick where we suggest as often we have the perfect spot for a large group to pick together or off to themselves. **Talks about berries, beneficial plants & insects, farming small fruit, nutrition & gardening, as well as farm tours, are happily done when organized ahead via email & when enough staff available.

What crops do you have?
*Blueberries, mid June-early Sept, 4+ acres, 4 different fields,
*Blackberries, 1/2 acre, mostly July, *
Raspberries,  1 acre, Late July- Sept.

Come early in the picking shift  for best picking! ALL CROPS ARE PESTICIDE FREE & we use ORGANIC FERTILIZERS from 7 Springs Farm in Floyd, VA

What do I do with my berries once picked?
We have created ‘Berry Care Guides’ along with VT Dietetics students for each berry we grow!! Tips for storing & freezing, easy recipes, and nutrition data are in each guide. Check them out. *We also put a ‘recipe-a-week’ on FB.

How can we find more seasonal U-Pick farms?
Pickyourown.org has been & still is the best clearinghouse for ALL U-Picks, nationwide, and with recipes & jam making instructions alongside it’s U-Pick Directory, you can get everything you need!

What is your farm’s mission?
We believe in locally grown food, teaching the joys of picking, and building community while caring for berries. It’s quiet out here; just the birds singing and the plants. Join us, mid June-Sept! PICK WITH US AND HELP KEEP THIS BERRY FARM THRIVING FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS! See you in the fields!